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SAS (Special Air Service)

This is the first in Medicom Toy's MSFS Series (Medicom Special Force Series) the best of the best, the SAS. The SAS is no stranger to the Special Force community and was one of the first special regiment crack units in the world.

As always Medicom Toy went nuts over this piece and created one of the best figures I have ever seen at such a resonable price (6,800 yen/$55 US). I always thought Medicom did a great job with their figures but this was amazing. At first glance you can notice the amount of detail and accuracy this figure holds. From a wide range of weapons, to real buttons and zippers it truly shows they take pride in their work.

Before this figure came out I always saw the 12" Joes and some of the 21st Century line but they lacked the "hardcore" details and realism that really catch my attention. Then I was shown some Dragon and BBI pieces and these really wowed me, I was sold. I was really impressed that someone was finally developing "Special Forces" figures like "Seal Team Six", "Marine Recon", etc. Then one day I'm surfing through Medicom Toy's website ( and this is when I first saw the SAS figure. Medicom had joined the Special Force Collectibles race this was getting exciting.

Looking at their production photos of the SAS, I was thinking "could this be just a "mock-up"?" because a lot of times you don't get what you see when the final product hits the shelf. Take for instance, the Akira figure of Shotaro Kaneda by McFarlane Toys that was a big let down. But if you are familar with the quality of Medicom Toy's product you will know what I am talking about. So I eventually had my girlfriend pick me up one of these in Japan and wow I was more than impressed and excited. This figure was truly a piece of Art!

*The figure to the right shows two of the many ways you can configure the headgear. Figure A. shows the SF10 respirator with Balacava. Figure B. shows the SF10 with AC100/1 composite helmet and CT100E electronic ear defender headset.

You Want Details?

This thing is amazing, from pretty much all aspects that collectors look for, accessories, articulation (30+), and accuracy and this thing has them all. To start off lets look at what accessories this bad boy comes with:

Handgun HP MK-3 (?), Submachine Gun MP-5 (HK MP5), Shotgun M-3 (?), Triple Magazine Porch (Pouch), Double Magazine Porch (Pouch), Rappelling Glove, Assault Boots, Holster, Diver's Watch, S-10 Respirator (SF10 Respirator), Dark Lenses, Audio Harness, Rescue Knife, Long Magazine, Flashlight Foregrip, Suppressor, Telescopic Stock, Foregrip, Short Grip, Scope, Magazine, Double Magazine, Flashbang, Ear Defender (CT100E electronic ear defender headset), Large Crowbar, Helmet (AC100/1 composite helmet), Assault Suit, Quick Reaction Vest, Over Hood (Balacava), Body Armor, Socks and Trunks.

Note: there are no typos listed above I am just copying them word-for-word from the box. Again proof that Medicom makes great figures with little regard for proper English. But who cares how they spell, they make figures not grammer. In the () is the corrected spelling and/or identification.

As for articulation this thing has 31 points of articulation and this thing is nearly perfect except for the wrists which are not bendable. With so many points to bend this thing looks like the real thing. Its hard to believe that this is a toy, however I view pieces like this as a piece of artwork. One look at the figure posing and it slouches and stands like a real man, no joke take a look for yourself.

As for accuracy, if you know anything about the SAS you will notice this guy is dead on. Everything from their Assault Suit, to their Gas mask, flash bangs, etc are pretty close to the real deal. For more detailed information read the MSFS home page by clicking here.

A Final Note

I have no qualms about this figure, except for two, I think they could have done better with the head sculpt (an anime style head would have been nice or a detailed resin head) and wish the Cro-Magnon body was not so fragile. When posing the figure, from time to time the arm would pop out and so would the hands. But this is a small price to pay for a truly amazing figure, it puts the competition to shame. I truly believe noone comes close to the detail and realness of this SAS, buy one and you will become a believer too.

· posing with M-3 shotgun
· aiming MP5PDW w/ collapseable stock (rear)
· aiming with MP5PDW (rear/right)
· taking aim with MP5PDW (front A)
· taking aim with MP5PDW (front B)
· aiming MP5PDW (side)
· close-up of headphones and respirator (rear)
· close-up magazine (3) and clip (2) pouches
· close-up holster with Glock 17 (high cap.)
· close-up of audio harness and center mass

(07/31/01) The SAS was fully released here in the U.S. through Side Show Toy roughly 7 months late then expected. The figure actually was released in Japan in late 2000. Also first releases of this figure in Japan dawned a green scabbard for the knife, but was later changed to blue. However in the U.S. release the scabbard was switched back to green.

About the SAS

SAS stands for Special Air Service. They are Britain's most elite special regiment crack unit and are highly trained and motivated.

The SAS were first created to disrupt German supply lines during the second World War. Since then they have grown to become well known in the Special Forces community and were the model for many American Special Operation Units.

The SAS have become more publically recognized due to their involvement in May 1981 Iranian Embassy hostage situation (London, England). There during "Operation: Nimrod" SAS elite stormed the Embassy after carefully planning, sending 5 of 6 terrorist to the morgue with 19(of 20) rescued hostages and one casuality. Also many valiant SAS operatives helped Seal Teams in the Gulf locate and destroy Scud Missle Carriers in Operation: Desert Storm (1991).

Noteworthy quotes:

"Who Dares Wins" - SAS motto

"Death is Nature's way of saying you have just failed SAS selection" - John " Lofty" Wiseman - Survival Expert