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Ken Washio (aka Eagle Ken, Mark)

Well Eagle Ken was my very first Medicom Toy figure and is pretty much where my 12" collecting began. Therefore, I am hesitant to open him but I have taken some photos and I have seen the figure out of the box.

Medicom did a great job in crafting this figure and when you first lay your eyes on one you will definitely remenice of your childhood days. For those of you who know or don't know, this is Ken (or Mark in the U.S. version) leader of Gatchaman (G-Force, Battle of the Planets) from the 80's cartoon hit. If you know what I am talking about one look at this figure and you will be more than impressed by the crafting and likeness. Otherwise when you look at this you will think I collecting figures of men wearing bird suits.


The first thing that attracted me to this figure was the uniform that comes with all the accessories Ken packed in the cartoon. Everything from his knee-high boots to his belt buckle dawning the "G" was dead-on! Medicom also did a great job of their spandex-like jumpsuit which looked very custom and unique. Next comes the head-sculpt, sure you can make the uniform but can you make the hero? You bet, Ken's face was nicely translated from cartoon to this 300mm figure just look for yourself.

As for accessories he doesn't really come with any except for a pair of his signature bird shuriken's (bird-like chinese stars). Also some versions of this figure come with a limited Gatchaman "G" pin but mine didn't. In any case this true Cartoon Hero doesn't need any accessories, he's like Superman all he needs is his cape.

Lastly as for articulation I can't really say because mine have never been field tested, but I am assuming its pretty good as are most of Medicom's 300mm line. In addition, Ken's sports a Real Action Heroes (RAH) endoskeleton.

· close-up of Gatchaman belt

About Eagle Ken

Eagle Ken is the leader of a five unit team called G-Force (Gatchaman), hand picked by the International Science Organization's Dr. Nambu. G-Force was created in an effort to stop the Galactor Organization's mission for world domination.

Ken is a very strong and even-tempered leader who rises to the occasion when called upon. He is very well focused and disciplined leader.

"When it comes to women, Ken is denser than rock. Most anyone who's watched the series for any significant amount of time has probably rooted for Ken and Jun to get together, but he's oblivious. In Gatchaman II, he's got women falling all over him, but he turns them all away with one excuse or another. I've been told that this is the pattern of the Japanese hero --he doesn't need women, duty is more important." (

I found this excerpt while researching more about Ken, but I had to include that last line (hilarious but probably true) it was just too funny. In any case, each member of G-Force operated a certain vehicle and for Ken it was a Jet . G-Force was probably best known and remebered as the Jet that when in trouble formed the "Firery Phoenix" and turned into a jet of fire. The jet always came close to oblivion while transformed but G-Force always managed to pull out of it, always exhausted afterwards, they always saved the day! A last note, G-Force was cool because it was one of the only cartoons played in the U.S. where people actually died rather than parachuting to safety like GI JOE. How are you going to win a far against evil if no one ever dies?

* The image of the figure in blue is not mine, its is the property of Medicom Toy.