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Joe Asakura (aka Condor Joe, Jason)

Well after buying Eagle Ken, I just had to have his right-hand, Condor Joe. I always liked Joe because he was like the "rogue" second in command, the leader with little discipline and a lot of anger. Condor Joe is also known as Jason in the American version (G-Force).

Like Ken, Joe is very nicely replicated from the cartoon and the facial likeness is very well done. The first thing I noticed when comparing the two was the differences in height. It's pretty cool because Joe is like 1/3" taller making the figures more authentic and unique. It was this type of quality and detail that I really appreciated that got me into the 12" figures. I especially like the Medicom lines because they make great collectibles and go the extra mile. All of this comes at a cost of course but it's more than worth it if you are a colletor of these sorts.

More Details

Like I said before I really like Condor Joe's uniform its very accurate and a close replication to the cartoon. Everything from the boots to the helmet, top to bottom this thing looked like it jumped out of the cartoon. Hopefully someday I will decide to open these guys up and take some cool pictures. Even the material that was used to make the uniform looks cool and holds to the body well making the likeness more believeable. It's almost hard to talk about the figure because its really cool, and well there is too much to say.

In any case Joe comes with his pistol and a few "bird-like shuriken's". Other than that its just the figure, with a cool cape and helmet. Condor Joe is a great example of how simplicity is best, he really has no cool accessories, the big "wow" comes from how accurate this figure is from the "real" Condor Joe.

As for articulation, it has never been field tested but he dawns the same endo-skeleton as Ken, a RAH (Real Action Heros) body.

· close-up of his Gatchaman belt
· close-up of Joe

(NOTE: sorry these images are not of the highest quality due to them still being in the packaging. Maybe someday I will have the urge to open them and take better ones.)

Who is Condor Joe

Condor Joe (Jason) is the second in command of the G-Force team and also the right-hand of Eagle Ken (Mark), the leader. Joe often shows a very strong wanting to become the leader and take matters into his own hands. This often causes him to come in conflict with Ken (Mark) but in the end Joe is well disciplined and puts his teammates before himself. Often in the field of battle Joe has shown his dedication and loyalty to the team, but he is often hot-headed which causes him to loose focus.

Out of all the teammates he is the most interested in woman and is considered to be the player of the team. Joe is probably most fans favorite because he is the guy in all of us, the hero who has a little evil, the straight arrow that is not completely straight.

In addition, Joe is one of the best racecar drivers in the world and in the galaxy for that matter. He has won many competitions for his driving abilities and is in charge of the weapons systems aboard the Phoenix. He is also very well versed in many of the planetary defense systems and weaponry. For a super hero it doesn't get much better than this...