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GSG-9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9)

This is the second in the Medicom Special Force Series (MSFS) line. Again all I can say is WOW, Medicom simply just takes the special force figures to the next level. As always Medicom never ceases to amaze me with an ambush of accessories and their attention to detail. Just take a look at his fatigues and you will notice just how much time and effort they put into this one.

Again the craftsmanship is there, and the sewing of his Nomex suit is great. I can't say anything bad about this figure. Before with SAS the only complaint I had was the head sculpt, but it looks like that has been solved, the GSG-9 head is nicely sculpted. Also the fragile Cro-Magnon I spoke about seemed pretty fit this time. Perhaps the body was still an early prototype on the SAS, because this endoskeleton was totally different. Either way I don't mind sacrifing strength for detail. And again as for articulation his endoskeleton consists of a Cro-Magnon RAH300 body which has an amazing 31 points of articulation that make posing no problem. Medicom did a great job with this body, you can have the figure stand at attention or aiming, no matter the figure looks so life-like. This is one trait that other manufacturers fail to capture, Medicom is on top of their game.

Bigger is not always better!

As for accessories they didn't pile in as much as they did with the SAS piece, but the time and quality is definetly there. Another cool added feature is another ladder that can be connected to the two pieces the SAS come with. I figure once you have them all you will have a good sized ladder to display.

Submachine Gun MP-5 (MP5), MAchinegun S551 (SIG 551), Double Magazine Porch (pouch), Double Magazine, Handgun G17 (Glock 17), Magazine, Flashlight Foregrip, Telescopic Stock, Short Scope, Walkey-Talkey (receiver), Balaclava (?), Assault Boots, Body Armor, Assault Suit, Holster, Ladder, Helmet, Socks and Trunks, Belt.

*Note: Again this is the way that Medicom spelled and described the items included. The items in () are the corrections in spelling, I was hoping that Medicom would have fixed this since the SAS but looks like they didn't. Oh well who cares how they spell as long as they keep producing great figures!

Some noteworthy details with these accessories is the SIG 551 magazines (clips) that come included (3). They are clear (smokegray) magazines, just as the real deal, but what makes me really flip is the fact that they even put little .223 rounds inside. This feature was really impressive and it sold me. Also another great item is the communications (Motorola in real life) head gear that actually plugs into the helmet (detachable) and the receiver that goes into a little pouch on his back. Lastly, just look at those boots who needs Nike's when you got hardcore boots made by Adidas (they really are) just look at that detail! As always with these Medicom MSFS figures there is too much to be in awe about, so I can not picture everything nor describe it, but if you are thinking of buying this figure, go for it its definetly worth it even at a premium ($70+ US).

· on one knee with SIG 551
· on one knee with SIG 551 (backside)
· close-up taking aim with SIG 551
· close-up taking aim with MP5
· close-up of Adidas Boots
· close-up off Motorola Communications Equipuipment
· close-up of assault suit
· close-up of microphone

What is GSG-9?

GSG-9 stands for Grenzschutzgruppe 9 which translates to "Group of Border Control 9", however do not let this translation fool you. GSG-9 is considered one of the premier Counter Terrorist units in the world, developed as a direct result of "Black September".

Black September took place in the 1972 Olympic Games held in Munich, Germany, when terrorists infiltrated the Olympic compound. There they murdered two atheletes and took 9 hostages. To make matters worse once negotiations broke down the terrorists attempted to flee with hostages in hand to nearby helicopters. Unfortunately, police officials ordered their men to fire upon the terrorists without regard to the safety of the hostages. Once gun fire broke out, terrorists tossed a gernade into one of the helicopters containing 5 Israeli atheletes, and the other 4 (held in other helicopter) were shot. Ill-trained in counter-terrorism and marksmanship, all 9 hostages and terrorists were killed during this fire fight.

Soon afterward the German goverment vowed never to be unprepared for terrorism again. They had previously been reluctant to form any type of elite military group due to the political climate following World War II. Therefore "Black September" was a catastrophe in the making, but six months after GSG-9 was born.

About GSG-9

GSG-9 was formed in 1973 and is headquartered in Hangelar, Germany. Strangely GSG9 is under the control of the Federal Border Police Force (Bundesgrenzschutz), rather than the military due to the goverment's wishes to demonstrate that they longer were the fearsome entity of WWII. Currently GSG-9 is divided into 3 operating forces.

· GSG-9/1 - consisting of 100 soldiers specializing in anti-city (urban) terrorism.
· GSG-9/2 - consisting of 100 soldiers specializing in anti-marine terrorism.
· GSG-9/3 - consisting of 50 soldiers specializing in terrorism in the skies (HALO).

All members of GSG-9 are highly skilled in grappling, firearms, demolitions, negotiation, and urgent medical skills.

Primary Weapon of Choice: HK MP5