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COBRA, GEK (Gendarmerie Einsatz Kommando, Gendarmerieeinsatzkommand)

The COBRA (or GEK) is #4 in the MSFS (Medicom Special Forces Series) line developed by Medicom Toy. When I first read that they were creating this figure I wasn't sure if COBRA was a real Unit or if this was just a cool looking figure. At first I thought Medicom just made them up because they looked very similar to the GSG-9 with their protective gear and "crouch" guard. Upon further investigation however, I discovered that the COBRA also go by the name GEK or Gendarmerie Einsatz Kommando and thats why it was difficult to find information. After further review, you better believe it these guys are no joke and they look just like this! Once I discovered this I highly anticipated this figure, and well after being an avid Counterstrike (Half Life PC Game) fan I just couldn't wait to get my very own Steyr Aug. A very strange appearence yet highly effective!

Better and Better!

When I opened this figure up, I was immediately impressed, I know I say that a lot in these editorials but it's truly sincere. I mean it seems so "cliche" to say it just "gets better and better" but with the MSFS it really does and COBRA proves it. As I said earlier, I really wanted to check out the steyr Aug and also the MP5SD that are his primary weapons. When you take a look at these you will see just how much detail they are putting into the weapons. Medicom's attention to detail is great, and this can be highlighted when looking at the Aug's laser sighting (detacheable) and also the MP5's scope. The MP5's scope even features a lens on both ends so the realism is definitely there. I am not too sure what this caliber of scope does but it looks like you could aim for the moon if you wanted.

Next came the actual figure, the COBRA's body suit was nice. Medicom doesn't cuts corners, and as I have said with the GIGN they are never alike, each come equipped with suits custom designed specifically for them. The big thing that caught my eye was the massive amount of velcro all over the suit. This added a real cool feature because on the front of the vest, different pouches can be shifted into different areas via the velcro. This particular type of system is often used in real-life and can be seen here.

The last major impression the figure made on me was the magazine and clip pouches on the leg and upper cavity. The SAS and the GIGN had a lot of pouches too, however the COBRA's application is completely new. It's amazing to see how one idea can be utitlized in so many different ways. I am not sure if that due to Medicom's creativity or their attention to detail when spec'ing out the real deal. In any case I love the detail Medicom strives for, once again I am in awe.

Glove (extra hand to hold Light Mounted Shield), Assault Boots, Belt, Magazine Porch (Pouch), Holster, Hang Gun G17 (Glock 17), Magazine, Aug-Rifle (Steyr Aug - Armee Universal Gewehr)), Laser Sight, Submachine Gun MP-5 (MP5SD), Zoom Scope Sight, Long Suppressor, Telescopic Stock, Walkie-Talkie, Earpiece w/ Microphone, Light Mounted Shield (pictured), Balacava, Assault Suit, Body Armor, Socks and Trunks.

As for articulation you have the now-typical Cro-Magnon RAH body sporting 31 points of articulation. The body is great, and even comes with 2 sets of hands (gloved/un-gloved) and they also threw in an extra gloved hand (clinched to hold Light Mounted Shield). Eventually I will add a gallery to show just how much these Cro-Magnon endo-skeleton's look real.

As for accuracy the head sculpt was nice (SAS was kid of weak) and this one in particular they did a very good job with the eyes. Furthermore if you have seen the SEAL Team Six ad you will notice the head sculpts are looking even better (minus the lipstick?) and not so generic like the Dragon ones.

*Medicom even placed a small Austrian flag on the left shoulder of the COBRA figure just as you see below on the picture of the real operative, pretty cool stuff. Till next time!

A Final Note:

I love this figure, but I have two qualms about COBRA. The first being that the uniform (vest-purple) makes the figure look like a "toy". Secondly, the helmet seems a bit awkward (oversized due to ear pieces). When looking at pictures of real GEK operatives I can't find a picture that resembles the one he dawns here. I have found only those that look very similar to that of GSG-9's. Also his purple vest is of question also, perhaps this is authentic but I haven't seen any evidence of this. If anyone can show me a picture of this helmet (as seen here) or vest (in purple) on a real operative to substantiate this please do.

· aiming AUG (front)
· aiming AUG (back)
· aiming MP5SD crouched (back/side)
· resting MP5SD crouched (front/side)
· aiming MP5SD standing (front A)
· aiming MP5SD standing (back/side)
· close-up of boot (notice ankle padding)
· close-up of vest
· close-up holster
· close-up of TITAN helmet
· close-up MP5SD Scope
· close-up of Laser Sighting for AUG

(8/21/01) The tactical helmet has been confirmed as the latest version used not only by the GEK (COBRA) but also by Germany's GSG-9 and others in the European community (most switched after 2000). The new helmet, called the TITAN, does feature this awkward system with increased ear protection and wide stance. Pictured to the right is an SEK operative dawning this particular headgear.


Looking at the Counter Terrorist operator to the left, you might mistake him for a member of Germany's elite GSG-9, however he is a member of COBRA. COBRA aka. "Cobra Unit" aka. GEK (Gendarmerie Einsatz Kommando) is Austria's primary terrorist deterent. One notable trait is the Steyr 5.56 AUG that seperates him from the rest.

Very similar to other European CT Units, COBRA draws it's members from the Gendarmerie (national police force) and is comparable to GSG-9 (Germany) and GIGN (france). In many cases they often cross-train between members in an effort to maintain the highest level of training. COBRA's main purpose is to combat terrorism, but they also act as a domestic SWAT force in high risk situations and even sky marshalls at other times.

Oficially formed in 1978, COBRA are best known for their "rope work" (grappling, etc.) and can pretty much scale anything. The Unit consists of 200 members at a time and there facility is located in in Wiener Neustadt.