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I tribute this editorial to the Men and Woman of the world's armed forces who join the fight against terrorism...

MOPP (Military Operational Protective Posture)

(10/10/2001) MOPP in laymen terms means
"wear or die", hopefully protecting oneself from biological and chemical agents (we wish we could disinvent). It's scary to think that this uniform set is designed after the real deal since the outfit looks a bit ridiculous. Unfortunately though, there is nothing funny about it and soldiers throughout the world may have to dawn these in the event of BIO-Chem attacks. The MOPP you see here is actually not a complete figure, but a uniform set created by Hot Toys.

I didn't know much about MOPP gear until I flipped through the pages of MAXIM and saw a picture of Russians wearing these "Hefty trash bag" suits. After researching Military Operational Protective Postures I became more familar with these suits and well after seeing the Hot Toys version I was sold! Earlier I saw Hasbro's attempt at making a MOPP figure and well I liked the idea but was not impressed. I must say Hot Toys went all out, everything from the patterns to the materials used in the creation of this uniform was nicely researched and assembled. This is easily one of my all-time favorites as far as 1/6 fatigues go!


When you first take a look at this set, you will be amazed at the actual material the suit is made of, its almost like a plastic suit yet lays very nicely on the figure. I also most congratulate Hot Toys on their great work on the A.L.I.C.E (All-purpose Lightweight Carrying Equipment) pack which looks great and is a replica minus the metal frame.

The MOPP gear is the first Hot Toys product I have ever bought and well I am more than impressed even when paying $70 (believe it was $45 retail) for my set. But I especially liked their "anal-like" attention to detail, they bring true honor to the word "otaku". Like Medicom they don't "cheese" accessories, especially in times where everyone is trying to cut down on costs. Take for instance the boots, they are probably the best boots I have ever come across. Not only are they completely made up of fabric but they even have laces and actually lace up. In addition to this, included in the set is chemical "over-boots" that cover these fine footwear. Now why make such nice boots when they are not visible? The same reason why Medicom makes socks and boxers for their figures... They're crazy, but this is a good sort of crazy!

Well I can't say one bad thing about this uniform set and well I could probably talk forever about this, so as they say pictures are worth a thousand words so decide for yourself. As for my figure the endoskeleton is a Cro-Magnon Medicom Toy body from the MSFS line.


· front view (top-angle full body)
· front view (full body)
· front view (half body)
· rear view (top-angle full body)
· rear view
· A.L.I.C.E. pack (rear body view)
· close-up of A.L.I.C.E. pack
· close-up of face and G17 gasmask
· close-up of unlaced boots and over-boot
· close-up of unlaced boots (side view)
· side view displaying thigh pack(bottom half/left side)
· side view (half body)
· Hot Toys M.O.P.P. Box (retail)

About M.O.P.P.

MOPP stands for "Military Operational Protective Posture" and is basically the Armed Forces' answer to biological and chemical warfare. Since the attacks on 09/11/01 it seems as if more light has been shed on these protective wears. The MOPP suit basically consists of everything from headgear to footwear and everything in-between to protect onself against most biological/chemical weapons. This is the type of suit that is necessary to protect soldiers and civilians from inhaleables and skin penetration.

MOPP suits have become more common and training to ensure preparation has become common practice in the U.S. Armed Forces since in the mid 90's when possible scenarios of bio/chem attacks seemed more plausible. Since then these scenarios have become a major concern and now even more than ever since 9-11.

Welcome to Terrorism, my name is Osama, can I take your order? - Here is some of the more notable agents we should worry about. Strange how some people make disease when others fight it...

Anthrax - Infectious disease most commonly distributed by aerosol, causes respiratory failure, then death.

Cholera - Bateria that is stable when in water, could be used to taint reservoirs.

Small Pox - Highly contagious virus, yet very unstable and hard to weaponize, since 1977 only two labs contain the virus (U.S. and Russia) since its eradication.

Hydrogen Cyanide - Blood agent used to develop acrylic polymers, bad blood equals bad life, then death.

Sarin - Nerve agent, causes respiratory failure, crazy Japanese cult members actually used it in 1995 and killed 12.