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artdoescollecting was created because I am an avid collector of 1/6th scale figures. Since I am a Designer, I thought it would be fun to share them with others and display a few pieces in my collection the best way possible, via the Internet. I also wanted to provide information to other collectors like myself who are curious or want more information pertaining to a particular figure. Of course I will have a very small fraction of the 1/6th market, but for the ones I do have I hope that I can be of assitance.

As for my 1/6th scale figures I have been collecting consistantly since 1998. I don't have a huge collection yet but someday I will fill one million dollar dream display case of mine ;-) Currently I mostly collect Medicom Toy and other Japanese figures (Skynet, Marmit, etc.) that have a significance to me. Whether it be my love of "GI JOE", AKIRA, or just a cool Cartoon character, I try to limit myself from buying just any "cool" figure. If I did that I would have no place to sleep since my house would be covered with toys, so a line needed to be drawn. I try to collect mostly items that are truly exclusive/limited like the Wonder Festival AKIRA Exclusives or like Skynet's Golgo 13 that is not produced in large quantities.

As for the editorials on this site, they are just my opinions and how I view each figure. At times I make comments or compare them to other manufacturers representations, but in no way do I believe my way is the right way. We all have our opinions so don't send me hate mail. Besides our hobby is really dependant on what you are looking for in your collection. For instance, I am not the biggest fan of Dragon, but I must admit they make the best 1/6th weapons. Whereas, Skynet makes cool figures but their endo-skeltons aren't the best.

Personally I collect for display pieces, I don't really mess with them at all I treat them more as trophies or collectibles if anything. So fragilness and durability is least important to me, yet on the otherhand accuracy and detail is my major concern.

In any case I hope you find my site enjoyable, and find it interesting. If you ever notice a "fact" that is incorrect please correct me, I strive to provide as much factual information as I can. Again thanks for dropping by and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me!