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Golgo 13

This is Duke Togo, a.k.a. Golgo 13 the Professional, produced by Skynet and is the second figure in their limited line of Golgo 13 figures. This is actually the first Skynet figure that I have picked up. I haven't really seen much that they have produced except for this line, but if this is a representation of their work then I am more than impressed.

The first thing I noticed about this figure is the head sculpt that is "deadly accurate" like his worksmanship. If any of you have seen his series or movies than I am sure you would agree. Skynet did a suberb job of sculpting the head, that I believe out does the "Gatachaman/G-Force Jason (Condor Joe)" head sculpt by Medicom. The next thing that came to my attention was the boots he wore. Skynet could have easily just thrown on any pair of black boots and I doubt anyone would care, however they went the extra mile and made custom boots just like he wears in the movies. It's this attention to detail and devotion that I appreciate when collecting these little guys. The boots were well sculpted to match his current fashion and compliment well with the overall design making this a "tangible" cartoon figure.

Mind if we search your briefcase?

His suit on the otherhand is just run of the mill, nothing too special, but not bad to say the least. His M-16 is another story, this thing is nuts! First of all when you open the thing you first notice that the M-16 has to be put together like a plastic model. Once put together you can paint the thing and even disassemble the weapon like the real deal and place it into his suitcase that is insulated with form-fitted foam. This is no joke, the thing breaks down to the stock, the upper, the lower, the barrel, scope, and even the slide all coming together in a suitcase. The only bad thing about the rifle is that its pretty fragile, they had good assembly ideas like putting rubber nuts inside to tighten joints, etc. but overall the rifle is pretty fragile and seems more for suitcase display then active duty. In any case, displaying the rifle broken down in the suitcase makes me flip, its pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

As for articulation it seems okay, nothing spectacular like the Cro-Magnon stuff, but who cares it has an endo-skeleton very similar to the Marmit bodies. The endo-skeleton is fluid enough to look life-like and you can pose Golgo 13 nicely. The box the figure comes in is pretty weak and the true appreciation comes when he is removed from the packaging. All in all this is a figure more than worth getting if you like Golgo 13, this really does him justice and the likeness is dead on, take a look for yourself! A true "must" for the Golgo 13 collector!

13, Golgo 13...

What can I say Duke Togo, a.k.a. Golgo 13 or G-13 is "hard", the epitomy of the best of the best. Not only does this guy have a cool job, he also gets all the ladies (see his movies).

Golgo 13 is the world's premier assasin-for-hire soliciting himself for a small fee of $1,000,000 but his work is 100% guranteed. Regardless of the amount and quality of protection a "mark" (target) shields himself with it is all inconsequential to the well disciplined Golgo 13. He is like a special forces operative, well trained and highly motivated.

Cool name where'd you get it?

Duke Togo's code name, Golgo 13 has a very special biblical meaning that may give light to his dark trade. Golgo comes from Golgotha (or "Place of the Skull"), the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. And 13 is derived from the 13th hill in the region where the crucifixion occurred. Hence Golgo 13 in many ways signifies the death of Christ, why I do not know, but this is fact and also kind of creative yet spooky. In any case we will leave it at that. If you have any more information on this matter feel free to enlighten me.