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October 11, 2001

Sorry for no new updates, been too busy and well glued to the news. In any case I am trying to get back in the swing of things. The newest editorial added is the Hot Toys M.O.P.P. gear! It's a great set and easily one of my favorite figs, check it out here!

September 10, 2001

Back but have a lot of work to get caught up so well expect updates shortly.. my next editorials should be of some of the Marmit stuff.... Stay tuned!

August 30, 2001

In Japan, so no updates... but hopefully I will get my hands on some nice goods. I am hoping to pick up some VOLKS prototype bodies (spec op), and also some Medicom Seal Prototypes. Hopefully the Toy District in Asakusa will be good to me... See you later...

August 22, 2001

Wow I am beat! Okay no more updates for this week I need some rest and need to get a life :( But well I did the re-shoot for the SAS and also COBRA and even made a small SAS head comparison page for the viewers at ! Okay well next week expect Marmit Boba Fett and also re-shoot for Sgt. Rock... Till then...

August 21, 2001

Just steaming away! Okay I got the GIGN reshoot done now too! So check it out, I tried to get as many good shots in as possible to show you just how much Medicom strives for attention to detail. More coming shortly! And thanks for dropping by...

August 20, 2001

Okay sorry for always updating the same thing but well I decided that I want the quality of each review to be "top notch" with good photos and poses. So I redid the GSG-9 and I think it looks much better, plus my photography and lighting has improved. This is the standard in which I want to keep my editorials, so I am going to go back and reshoot all of the ones listed thus far! It will take time but it will be worth it. Till then check out GSG-9's reshoot!

August 17, 2001

Okay I decided now that for each editorial I do I will give it more pictures, so I went back and took more shots of COBRA and well will do the same with everything that is currently on my site. Afterwards, when I get caught up I will get the 5 Tokyo Tribe 2 figures up. Please be patient but go check out the new COBRA photos!

August 15, 2001

I took some more pics of Sgt Rock and well plan on taking more. This figure is easily one of the best collectibles I own, and well look forward to more soon. Also I created a new header and well I think this one will stay for a while. The capsules (red - upper right) are there to show respect to my favorite, AKIRA!

August 08, 2001

Okay well now COBRA is done, pictures loaded too. I also finished off Eagle Ken and Condor Joe. Next I am going to work more on Golgo 13 and then movie to Sgt. Rock. Looks like I will have a lot of time to catch up and get some more stuff up since my next anticipated figure doesn't hit the streets still November (SAT/Seal Team Six).

August 06, 2001

Today I got my newest acquisition, COBRA from the MSFS line! I took pictures of it already but have not gotten around to writing it up (will do tomorrow). Also I plan on eventually getting more photos of each of the editorials up before expanding these pages. Eventually when I get caught up I will start with my Tokyo Tribe and Marmit Star Wars collections.